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The Blitz

The children have been learning about how the Battle of Britain ended and how this led to the Blitz.

They have learnt about the importance of blackouts, who ARP wardens were, what air raid shelters looked like and why the government decided to evacuate children out to the countryside.  The children even heard the sirens sound and tried to imagine what it would have been like for the families at the time.

As the weather was nice we decided to use the playground to try and recreate some of the scenes  for the camera.  Here are a few of the photos we took and what the children said about their freeze frames.


Air raid siren sounding – families racing to their shelters

Air raid siren sounding – families in shelters overnight whilst bombing of the cities takes place

Children who have been evacuated to the countryside lined up and waiting to be chosen by a family who will take them in

Mother with her two children, scared of the bombing

Family squeezed into the air raid shelters. Some trying to sleep and others just waiting for the siren to stop

ARP wardens on the lookout whilst families take shelter

On the train platform the guards blow the final whistle. It’s time to board the train and leave for the countryside. Families say goodbye to each other.

In the cities people sheltered in the underground stations. Here are a group sheltering on one of the platforms.

Odd Sock Day for Anti-Bullying week

This week is Anti Bullying week in school.  We kicked started the week off by wearing our odd socks to school as a great way to celebrate being unique.

We spent time thinking, talking and sharing our thoughts on what bullying is, how it makes us feel and what we can do if we see someone being bullied or if we ourselves experience bullying.  The children responded superbly and suggested some very sensible ideas.

We then considered this question – ‘In ONE WORD, how do you feel when someone is kind to you?’ 

The children came up with the most amazing bank of words.  Please click on the link to see some of the wonderful things they said.

list of words

Each child then picked a word and made a beautiful tile for display in the class to help remind us of how powerful KINDNESS really is.  Here are some photos of the children proudly sharing their ONE WORD.


The children will be taking part in lots of other anti bullying activities during the rest of the week.

Fact finding mission!

Year 4 have had lots of fun finding out about the Battle of Britain. They searched for and recorded interesting facts posted around the school grounds and worked brilliantly in their teams to crack a mystery code.  Below are some photos of the event.

English – Defeat the Monster

This week we have started a new English Unit based around the premise of Defeating the Monster.  As always we will be using a model text to support our learning and our text this time is called ‘Zelda and the Rain Cat’.  We are sure this will capture the children’s imaginations and inspire some excellent written work.

During the unit, key skills taught will include:

Conjunctions to link words, phrases or clauses together.  They will be encouraged to use FANBOYS which is an acronym for (for, and, nor, but, or, yet , so) and a range of subordinating conjunctions which tell the reader when, why or where something happens.

Show not Tell where the writer uses description to explain emotions rather than directly saying.  For example if the main character was scared of a monster approaching they could write…. He knees trembled as the ferocious beast edged closer.  This would indicate the main character was scared but without actually saying so.

Creating tension through the use of different sentence structures.  Complex sentences to provide more information and detail for the reader and short snappy sentences for added suspense.

Our Spelling lessons will focus on -ous and -tion and we have carefully selected an additional five year 3/4 words to learn each week which link well to the English Unit.  We hope the children will go on to use these words in their innovate and independent write.

The children have already completed the WOW starter where they have created their own monster, described its appearance and thought about verbs for the way it moves.  This creature will be used in their innovate write later in the learning journey but already the children have shared some great ideas.

Please see below for a copy of the text and story map.

story map for Zelda and the Cat (blog version)

A3 text – Pupil copy

Wartime Head lamp covers

As part of our Attack and Defence topic the children have been learning all about the Battle of Britain and the ‘dog fights’ that took place in the air over Great Britain.  The children discovered that Hitler retreated on 31st October 1940 but soon after, the Blitz began and Hitler took to bombing the City of London at night.

We introduced the use of Wartime headlamp covers and discovered how and why they were used on cars.  The children in 4PG made their very own versions and what a great job they did.  4B and 4D will be making theirs very soon.




Linking back to our Electricity unit in Autumn 1, we set the children the challenge of making their own working headlamp to fit inside the cover.  They all did really well and could see how the slits in the cover would stop the light rays being spotted so easily from the sky.


English -NCR

Our next English Unit is a Non Chronological Report (NCR) and our model text that will support our learning is called the ‘Birds’

During this unit, our skills sessions will focus on generalisers such as ‘some, many, all’, the construction of paragraphs through the use of ‘the paragraph hand’ and we will also be recapping on the writing basics of capital letters, full stops and commas to help make our writing flow.

Our spelling lessons will focus on homophones and ‘u’ spelt as ‘ou’ and we have carefully selected five year 3/4 additional words for the children to learn each week that link well to the English Unit.  We hope the children will go on to use these words in their innovate and independent writes.

The children have already spent some time designing their own animal as part of a WOW starter along with learning the model text and unpicking the story map.  Over the next couple of weeks they will be practising the skills and writing their own NCR.

Please see below for a copy of the  text and story map.

Birds text

story map for BIRDS

Join the R.A.F

Continuing with our look at WW2, children across year 4 have  been learning about the aircraft used in the war on both the British and German sides.  They discovered that  Britain used Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster Bombers and that the Germans used Messerschmitt 109’s and 110’s and Junkers.  We learnt about the similarities and differences between the aircraft and looked at the insignia used.

During the next lesson, the children learnt about the R.A.F and the need to recruit new members in the lead up to and during the war.  We studied a variety of wartime posters and the children then worked in pairs to create their own R.A.F recruitment poster.  Have a look at some of the posters created, below.

Black History Month

October marks Black History Month in the UK and here at BCPA we will be sharing, celebrating in and understanding the impact of black heritage and culture from both the past and present.  When planning any unit of work we try our best to ensure that views are balanced and that we focus on the amazing achievements of white and black figures but  Black History Month provides us with an additional opportunity to shine a well deserved spotlight on people we may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about.

Each year group will be focusing on a different aspect of Black History and we are delighted to be exploring Black Art and Culture as well as exploring other historical figures through a series of additional assemblies.

As a year group we have selected some very inspirational artists and musicians to study.  Each classes will learn about the same people but the days these lessons take place may vary from class to class to best suit timetables.

Yesterday, 4PG learnt about Idris Ela.  Some of the children even recognised him from the television!  They discovered that he was born in London but that his mother comes from Ghana and his father from Sierra Leonne.    Keen to find out more, the children explored the class room for clues and produced some excellent fact files.  They were given freedom to present the work in a range of different ways.  Take a look at the work below and please keep checking back as more work will be added.





Attack & Defence – ‘The Battle of Britain’

Year 4 are currently learning about WW2.

We will be covering lots of exciting things within the unit and the children have already been working hard and showing real enthusiasm for the topic.  Below is a snap shot of our first few lessons.  Already, we have created timelines, completed map work and studied WW2 leaders.  We have worked together as a class, in groups and in pairs to carry out our own research and we are now having fun learning about ‘first flight’, the development of planes and the aircrafts used by the Germans and UK in WW2.  Keep your eye out for more posts as we continue our fascinating learning journey.

Children learning about the lead up to WW2 by thinking about some of the key events that took place. They created their own time lines with the information gathered.


In this lesson, the children learnt about the words ‘allies’ and ‘axis’ and thought about which countries supported either side. They also learnt that Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany at the time and that Neville Chamberlain and later Winston Churchill were the Prime Ministers for the UK. They used different colours to represent the allies, axis and neutral countries.

The children across year 4 have had fun learning about the leaders at the time of WW2. They conducted research using the provided QR code and learnt lots about Adolf Hitler, Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill. The photos above show the children hard at work along with an example of the finished result.



Class Read

Each term we will be reading a different book in class with the children.

Every child has access to a copy of the book and will follow along as the teacher reads.  The aim is to foster a true love of reading and to expose them to genres and authors they may not naturally choose to read. It enables us to introduce new vocabulary and provides additional opportunities for children to practice their ‘reading between the lines’ skills.

4PG class read

4B class read

4D class read

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